October 2021
Plus Addressing email addresses in Microsoft 365
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This week I received a new subscription to my newsletter and I noticed the email address looked a tad strange. The email address contained +powerassist which I instantly knew would not be part of someone's official email address.

After a bit of research I found out that Microsoft had introduced support for custom email addressing with Microsoft 365 email services. This is commonly known as Plus Addressing and is a standard that allows users to extend their email address using "tags" or the plus (+) character.

Microsoft Display Adapter wont connect after enabling Microsoft Baselines in Endpoint Manager.
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After you turn on Microsoft 365 Security Baselines, Windows 10 will not connect to your Microsoft display Adapter. Here are the steps to leave your baselines intact and get your Microsoft Display Adapter working again.
Microsoft’s new date to turn OFF Basic Authentication on all Microsoft 365 Tenants.
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"Every day Basic Authentication remains enabled in your tenant, your data is at risk, and so your role is to get your clients and apps off Basic Authentication, move them to stronger and better options, and then secure your tenant, before we do."
                                                                                          Microsoft Exchange Team